Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hey Blogger! How would you like to earn an endless stream of revenues?

As CEO of Sysgen (and as a blogger myself), I am pleased to announce that we are currently seeking strategic partnerships with job and career bloggers.

Being a leader in the IT staffing business, Sysgen is currently working on thousands of job orders that need to be fulfilled and is seeking the assistance of all influential bloggers out there.

We would like to call on all job and career bloggers to work together with us to fill out these openings by acting as a sourcing channel for job applicants. All a blogger needs to do is:
  1. blog about our job openings with a link to
  2. ask IT Professionals to send their resumes to ; and
  3. ask all referrals to put a link of your blog’s URL.

As an incentive, we will be giving P 5,000 (USD 110) for every referral hired by our clients as a result of your blog.

In addition, the first 5 bloggers to blog about our job openings gets a free Sysgen Digital Clock. Simply come back to this page and leave a comment on this page with a link to your blog and we will send you the digital clock.

Money tree image by Francesco Marino


quimboph1 said...

Good day sir here's my blog about this

Jimmy Roa said...

Thank you quimboph1. I will let you know once the the resumes start coming in. Congratulations for winning a Sysgen Digital Clock.

liaochiling said...

Hi, Here's my entry
IT Professionals: Sysgen wants you!
thank you so much!

Miss K. said...

Here is my blog post:

Prudence said...

Hi, I've posted about this in my blog:

paige said...

Please check out my blog post

Xy-Za Mahalko said...

Sir Jimmy,

Here's my post :D

Liza said...
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Liza said...

Here's my link:

Vernon Go said...

Hi there is it possible to make more blog posts? since I have multiple blogs?

If so, here are my posts below :D

Renz said...



Jimmy Roa said...

@Vernon - sure. The more blogs you have, the more exposure you have. Just make sure that you ask them to indicate your URL.

Mark Cerbo said...

Hi Jimmy,

Posted a blog post about SYSGEN looking for people interested in the IT Industry. You can view the link HERE...

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