Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back to the 70's Christmas Party

Last Friday, the whole Sysgen family transported themselves back to the 1970’s and held its annual Christmas party at Cafe La Carmela.

People candidly entered the venue in their 70’s attire as if it was again the disco era. I came as a long hair dude in a double knit suit. Of course I had to explain that this was how a lot of teenagers looked during their proms in the 70’s.

I was tasked to deliver an inspirational message, and after seeing all the staff and consultants celebrating Christmas together, nothing could be more inspring.

Being in the IT Staffing and IT Staff Augmentation business, it was truly inspiring to see all the head office people and all the consultants come in their retro 70’s attire. I was honoured to welcome all our consultants... thanking them for being there and for being part of the Sysgen family.

Planning for a Christmas party is never an easy task. There's
  • the party theme to think about
  • the venue that’s both cosy and accessible
  • the good food that is a must for a successful party
  • the overflowing drinks
  • the band and performers that truly entertain
  • the fun and cool games
  • the game prizes and raffle prizes.
Congratulations to this year’s Christmas Party Committee for doing a great job and to the rest of the Sysgen family for making it a night to remember.

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