Monday, November 22, 2010

Innovation in recruiting...

The IT staffing and recruiting business in the Philippines is currently experiencing tremendous growth. This is primarily due to the continued growth of the offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) industry as well as the establishment of back office operations by global companies.

Peter Drucker, the American Educator and Writer says that “Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship.”

To survive the IT staffing and recruitment business, a firm needs to be as innovative as possible in sourcing and adding names to its candidate database.  Traditional recruiting channels include:

1.     job sites
2.     job boards
3.     college placement offices
4.     job fairs
5.     poaching
6.     adverts

Recruiting innovation has brought about new channels such as:

1.     social networks
2.     SMS
3.     mobile recruiting
4.     search engine marketing
6.     referral programs

As a result of these channels, Sysgen has so far more than 20,000 processed names in our database and another 30,000 digital resumes that need to be processed.

Sysgen is currently running a referral program with the objective of generating new names for our urgent requirements.  These urgent requirements include Java Developers, C++ Developer, and .Net Developers.  In the process of getting new names, other benefits of a referral program include creating awareness for Sysgen and its urgent job openings.

The Referral Program Mechanics are really simple. You only need to refer IT professionals with at least 2 years of experience in Java, C++, or .Net. Each referral will entitle you one to raffle ticket and a chance to win and Ipod Shuffle. In addition, Sysgen will also be giving a referral fee of P 5,000 for every referral hired by a client.

We have thousands of IT positions to fill. As a matter of fact, one client is setting up a research and development centre in the Philippines that will ultimately house 1,500 IT Professionals. 

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