Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blogging and Recruiting

There’s a group in Linkedin that’s aptly called the Social Media Recruiting Group.  The group has acknowledged the value of multiple social networks in recruiting and its use in staying competitive. It also explores creative ways to combine various online sources for candidates.

The use of Social Media and Networks, though as non-traditional as it may be, is now an accepted strategy for sourcing and recruiting candidates.

“Word-of-mouth” is the force that is driving social media.

News travels fast among IT professionals and leveraging social media to announce job openings is a key sourcing strategy. You can also talk about the company (albeit anonymously) and the benefits of working with that company. It would be like having an online recruiting brochure.

Sysgen, as an IT staffing and recruiting company now recognizes social media as a critical component in their sourcing and recruitment plans. With the advent of Web 2.0 and social media, the power of word-of-mouth is much greater than before.

Blogging is a form of social media, and having said this, Sysgen is now applying blogging to recruiting. We are convinced that the use of recruiting blogs may be a good alternative to the old help wanted ad. Advantages of using recruiting blogs include giving the advert a more personal touch; having a feedback mechanism; and encouraging conversation.


Two weeks ago, we sought the assistance of bloggers in trying fill up the thousands of job openings that we are currently working on.  Their role was to blog about our job openings and act as sourcing channels for potential candidates.

As promised, we will be giving a Sysgen Digital Clock to the first five bloggers who blogged about our job openings... and they are:
  1.  Andresito Villato -
  2.  Liaochiling -
  3.  Miss K -
  4.  Prudence -
  5.  Paige -


Miss K. said...

How will I receive the digital clock?

Jimmy Roa said...

Hi Miss K. You can come to the office and claim it. Do let me know when you're coming over.

Skytel said...

We can do outsourced work in CAD conversion from India.

please see


Julie Soliman said...

Wonderful Digital Clock .. How can i have this digital clock and how much per piece?

-Julie Elaro

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